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Stress & Structural Analysis

Stress & structural analysis offers job opportunities for stress engineers, composite engineers and fatigue & damage tolerance engineers, including lead roles in every field for candidates with experience of managing teams

“It all started from when I was younger really, my dad is a pilot and an engineer, an Aerospace Engineer. I grew up in that environment and I’ve always been really interested in how things work. I’ve only been specialized as Mechanical Engineer for the last three years. Within that time I already have antennas I’ve been working on […] in space operating as we speak.” 

Structural Design

Structural Design includes job opportunities for lead composite design engineers, lead design engineers, engineering team leaders, mechanical stress and load engineers, cowling and firewall engineers, nose fuselage architects and principle structure design engineers

“I was always fascinated by high-tech technologies, it is how I came to the aeronautic industry, because there you really have to be at the edge of technology.” 

Systems Engineering, Architecture

The nature of responsibilities in Systems Engineering are varied and offer possibilities for all kinds of backgrounds. From large system integration to in-flight systems – our Group has it all

“I would not be here today as a project manager in Cassidian if I had not spent the last ten years abroad, getting into various cultures, understanding them and being able then to adapt better.”

Avionics, Electronic and Electrical Systems, EMC

Avionics and Electrical Systems Engineering cover all elements of the product lifecycle — from analysing requirements, defining architecture, evaluating design and performing tests

“What is unique in my job is that only very few people have experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, but at the same time we are working together with many other departments.”

Lean Experts & Supply Chain Quality Field Engineers

We’re looking for lean experts and supply chain quality field engineers to plan and deliver operational efficiencies using a variety of Airbus standardized tools and techniques based on Lean Six-Sigma principle

“My biggest motivation to go to work is to deliver safe products to a customer. In my case it’s quite obvious: my wife is a stewardess. I think we all like to fly and have our families fly in safe aircraft. That’s an extra motivation every day.”

Software Design & IT

Software Design and IT includes both development and maintenance of embedded systems, as well as the solution design, service management and project management of information and communication systems (ICT)

“I look outside to the runway, and there’s one plane preparing for flight. I have the noise in my ears and I see this aircraft departing, which makes me very happy as I know that they have used our software before, because otherwise they are not allowed to go.” 

Supply Management

Supply Management includes various areas such as delivering continuous improvement initiatives, delivery of quality, monitoring supplier adherence with contract conditions or driving supplier performance analysis

“I started as a thesis intern at Airbus then did my second thesis at Astrium, and then I got selected for the EADS PROGRESS programme. PROGRESS is the young talent development programme where you get a lot of training, meet lots of people and you get a really cool first job in which, after two years, you can rotate into a new country.”

Project Management

Our programme and project managers balance risk and responsibility to ensure that our projects deliver on time, on cost and on quality.

“I never would have expected the course that my career, even life has taken during the last twelve years […]. If you want to widen your views, your experiences, and work in different countries, Airbus Group is certainly an organisation that can offer this.”

Airworthiness, Certification

Certification and qualification engineers, major incidents engineers, and airworthiness engineers and managers are what we are looking for in this field.

“The best thing about working within Airbus is, in fact, the creativity. […] Now I am having the opportunity with a lot of very good specialists to solve the problems. If you have initiative and you want to change something, it’s possible.”

Fluid Mechanics & Acoustics

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics ranges from the pre-development phases to flight tests. It covers topics such as aerodynamics, computation fluid dynamics, loads calculations, aero-elasticity and flight mechanics.

“I didn’t want to be a research scientist but as a space engineer I get to facilitate the science that a lot of physicists do. And space provides a really unique environment for a lot of testing that we just can’t do on Earth. And spacecraft are cool!”

Test Engineering

Test Engineering takes on many forms within Airbus Group. It ranges from software and hardware, RF (radio frequency), thermal, materials, component, propulsion, performance, avionics, radar, and more.

“Flying is perhaps the oldest dream of humanity. You cannot do that job if you’re not passionate about flying.”

Materials & Processes

Materials and Processes concerns the relationship between the structure of metallic and composite/non-metallic materials.

“I started my career at Eurocopter, wrote my diploma thesis, and went on in the construction department, and now I am a project leader for the research and development project where we improve new processes.”

Propulsion & Powerplant

Propulsion and Powerplant deals with studying various forms of propulsions and pyrotechnic techniques and covers air breathing propulsion, space propulsion and unconventional air-vehicles propulsion.

“The reward of my job is to make the helicopter fly. It’s a real human adventure where we all work together, to ensure the satisfaction and the safety of our customers.”

RAMS, Human Factors, Operability

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety), Human Factors, Operability assures that a system/sub-system/component behaves as needed even with fatigue behaviour or when pieces fail.

“As a RAMS engineer, I’m dealing with failures of a system, so basically I check and analyze space flight items on their nature to fail. One of the biggest challenges of course is the distance of the laboratory because it’s in space, and exposed to a space environment. It’s about 450 km from Earth so from the ground we support the crew and the ISS.”

Explore our current vacancies and the international dimension of our commercial exchanges. We provide you with new business challenges in this fast-paced global era.

Human Resources

Human Resources ranges from roles in HR business partnership, operational HR management and people development to recruiting, mobility, compensation and benefits or payroll and personal data administration.

“I really enjoy working in this very international environment. I have a great and supportive team around me, with a very trustful and loyal atmosphere, and very good line managers who support us, and at the same time give us a lot of responsibility to let us grow and to support us in our personal development.”


Finance includes roles in financial controlling, programme/ project controlling, treasury, tax, accounting or cost engineering.

“I got a degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Pisa in Italy. And I always dreamt about being part of EADS. I love Airbus products and I feel very lucky to work on something I really like.”

Marketing, Sales & Commercial Contracts

Marketing, Sales and Commercial Contracts includes sales contracts negotiation, technical sales, etc.

“What I really enjoy about Airbus is we are a global company. I thrive on that. I just really believe in global trade, I believe in trade as a way to bring people together and I believe in our products.”

Supply Management

Supply Management includes various areas such as general procurement, continuous improvement initiatives, quality delivery and monitoring supplier adherence with contract conditions or driving supplier performance analysis

“I started as a thesis intern at Airbus then did my second thesis at Astrium, and then I got selected for the EADS PROGRESS programme. PROGRESS is the young talent development programme where you get a lot of training, meet lots of people and you get a really cool first job in which, after two years, you can rotate into a new country.”

Project Management

Programme and Project Management requires the right balance of risks and the responsibility to ensure that our complex projects deliver on time, on cost and on quality

“I never would have expected the course that my career, even life has taken during the last twelve years […]. If you want to widen your views, your experiences, and work in different countries, Airbus Group is certainly an organisation that can offer this.”

Customer Services & Support

Customer Services and Support includes customer training, integrated logistics support and services, technical data and publication, maintenance support and services

“In this big orchestra that we call our team we don’t only play one piece over and over: we have to write a symphony every time, bar by bar, and that’s what makes our job unique.”

The Financial Management Development Programme is our corporate development programme aiming to equip Finance managers with the relevant financial know-how and leadership competencies in our globalising industry

Find out more about the structure and content of the 18-month FMD Programme

Responding to an increasing demand within Airbus Group for highly qualified and international finance professionals, the FMD Programme aims at developing talented managers, while enhancing their financial expertise, business and soft skills.

Under the sponsorship of Airbus Group Corporate Finance and Airbus Group Finance Academy, the 18-month FMD Programme is based on two individually tailored project assignments in different Divisions and/or Corporate functions of the Airbus Group, combined with off-the-job modules, designed to strengthen participants management and financial competencies.

In addition to this, all FMD participants take part in a team project focusing on a strategic finance stage, which results are presented at one of the most important finance annual conferences.

Accompanied by a personal mentor during the entire FMD programme, participants also benefit from a job-shadowing experience to complete the off-the-job learning, and during which they follow a top finance executive for a week to share his/her daily activities.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  • Four to six years of relevant work experience in either financial (controlling, accounting, treasury, programme controlling, etc.) or commercial (bid management, etc.) functions
  • An excellent academic background in business administration/ finance and/or engineering studies, and a solid performance track record
  • An excellent command of the English language
  • Negotiation level in at least one other Airbus Group language, i.e. German, French or Spanish
  • Proficiency in analytical thinking and planning and solid organizational abilities
  • Passion for Airbus Group and its activities, namely the aeronautics, defence and space industries
  • Worldwide mobility and willingness to work in different Airbus Group countries
  • International experience having spent at least 12 months working/studying abroad

How to apply

Please apply online to the FMD Programme, once the recruitment phase has started. .

Search for the job description for the Financial Management Development (FMD) Programme.

Email applications cannot be taken into account.

If your profile meets the requirements, you will go through several recruitment steps including phone interview and Assessment Center.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.


Here we answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about the FMD Programme.

Where and when can I apply?

Please take a look at the Global Job Market, where the FMD positions will be published.

What kind of documentation should I enclose with my application?

We recommend you to send your complete application including cover letter, CV, letters of recommendation or reference, copies of diplomas or certificates (in the original language), and any relevant documents which add support to your application.

How does the application process work?

The process of joining the FMD Programme takes several weeks. If you meet the FMD requirements, you will be invited to enter in the selection process. The last step of the selection process is an Assessment Center.

How much of the programme will take place abroad?

International projects are one of the main emphases of the programme and may involve up to two assignments abroad.

What happens after my FMD participation?

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will have gained a broad knowledge of the Airbus Group and its industry. Furthermore, you will have been prepared through training and workshops, as well as built up your own network in the financial community of our company. These assets will help you to take a further step into an exciting career and a key position within the Airbus Group.

Which are the official Airbus Group languages?

Our official working language is English. However, having Divisions located mainly in Germany, France, Spain and the UK, German, French and Spanish are also considered as Airbus Group languages.

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