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Airbus launches three events to allow young girls to discover the professions open to them in the aeronautical industry, favouring the diversification of career paths, raising awareness of young people on the impact of stereotypes on their choice of career and promoting a greater gender mix and diversity in the workplace. For Airbus, diversity, in all its shapes and forms, is necessary and essential to strengthen its innovation, performance and commitment. Last week we welcomed “Elles du Futur” (Women of the Future) in partnership with the local Education Authority in Toulouse. Some 80 third-year secondary school girls from priority education schemes and rural areas visited the Airbus production sites and, above all, to talked with female employees working as technicians and engineers at Airbus. On 31 March Airbus will be taking part in “Féminisons les métiers de l’aéronautique” (Let’s feminise aeronautical industry careers) in partnership with the Airemploi association. Where some 20 secondary school girls will be invited for a day where female Airbus sponsors will present their work in small groups, talk about their careers, their past experience and potential professions. The third initiative proposed by Airbus will be a mobile photo exhibition on the theme of diversity called: "#ENSEMBLE" (#TOGETHER) is an interactive exhibition based on employee testimonials, combining photos and augmented reality. It proposes an enjoyable initiation, introducing young people to the issues of diversity. The exhibition will be visiting some 30 establishments, secondary schools, sixth forms, engineering colleges and universities all round France. It will begin at ISAE-SUPAERO on the 3 April.

“As a little girl, I used to dream of flying. The reality was not easy: when I applied in 1998 for a job as a flight test engineer, I had to fight against many stereotypes like “this is not a job for a girl” and “it is too hard for a woman”. At that time there were no female flight test engineers at Airbus Helicopters… Today there are 3 women amongst a team of 40! So today it is still a male dominated environment but nobody has any doubts about female capabilities to do the job!” Christine Piette, Experimental flight test engineer (HO Tiger Flight Test) #MondayMotivation #genderequality #encouragement #embracediversity #stem #engineering #aerospace #airbus #BeBoldForChange #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalwoman #helicopter #EC665 #Tiger