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“Leading Engineering teams is always challenging and as a woman sometimes a bit more. However, I always try to solve unpleasant situations with humor. Once in a meeting I was asked by a colleague how I can manage leading top level projects in combination with my role as a mother. I was really surprised about that question and answered politely. When I got the same question a second time, I looked at this colleague, a father of two children, and passed the question back on him. The gentlemen obviously did not expect that went red and realized that this question was inappropriate.” Belen, Senior Manager in Engineering, Spain www.jobs.airbusgroup.com #MondayMotivation #EmbraceDiversity #CelebrateDiversity #InspirationalQuotes #STEM #WomanInBusiness #Airbus #A330

Last week the A380 production team in Getafe gave the course “Production Line Management at Shopfloor Level” at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Ignacio Gómez Higueruela, HO A380 S19 & HTP Lateral Boxes Assy; Miriam García Ballesteros, A380 Industrial Support, and Arturo Martín Vega, A380 S19 first line manager, were the trainers. The students were glad of having such a close experience to the shopfloor and appreciated the fact that it was the first time a first line manager took part in this kind of course. Thank you to all participants! #AirbusGetafePlant ETSI Aeronáutica y del Espacio Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Oficial)