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Updates on research and technology from Airbus Innovations – the Airbus network of research facilities, scientists, engineers and partnerships.

18.08.2016 Updates to the E-Fan technology demonstrator are helping Airbus gain valuable experience for more electric aviation
01.08.2016 Airbus’s InFactory Solutions is delivering for the future with products and services for connected manufacturing
31.07.2016 The E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator aircraft will help Airbus validate hybrid propulsion technologies for aircraft
26.07.2016 The Airbus’s next step forward in electric aviation is on display at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
19.07.2016 Airbus spotlights innovation at its biennial Hall of Fame awards organized by the Corporate Technical Office 
18.07.2016 Airbus is pioneering uses of immersive virtual reality for human factors engineering research and other applications
15.07.2016 A new step in Airbus Innovations’ advanced cyber security capabilities is displayed at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow
14.07.2016 Airbus spotlights its relationship with the international Red Cross in bringing new solutions to humanitarian aid
14.07.2016 E-Fan spreads it wings with Airbus' updates to this demonstrator aircraft
08.04.2016 Two new steps forward in Airbus’s pursuit of more-electric aircraft
31.03.2016 Airbus Innovations is using its capabilities to explore the future of tourism with the DigE-Post digital way-post in Wales
24.03.2016 Imagining the future: Young transportation design students provide a fresh perspective on electric airplane concepts
07.03.2016 Airbus CEO joins Perlan II stratospheric glider team as pressurised test flights begin
12.02.2016 Airbus Innovations to develop humanoid robots with French and Japanese researchers 

Airbus Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti to leave in April

27.01.2016 Airbus’s groundbreaking E-Fan electric airplane programme is recognized as Best Aviation Technical Development of 2015
18.12.2015 An Airbus-hosted workshop brings together innovation leaders across Europe
21.10.2015 The Connected Cockpit comes to Europe’s Aerodays event
19.10.2015 Airbus Technology Licensing marks a key milestone with the successful transfer of VAP® technology to TsAGI
07.10.2015 Leading the way: Airbus Innovations is helping advance unmanned aerial systems with a new project in the UK
02.09.2015 “Cool” new demonstrator for electric aircraft highlights Airbus Innovations’ presence at MAKS
01.09.2015 Airbus Technology Licensing’s activities in Russia expand with new agreements


A growing scope for Airbus Innovations in North Asia
27.07.2015 The path to E-Fan 2.0 and beyond: propelling electric aircraft research forward
10.07.2015 History is made, and the future of electric aircraft is opened with E-Fan’s English Channel crossing
09.07.2015 A more “powerful” and lighter E-Fan demonstrator is ready for its historic English Channel flight
08.07.2015 Airbus teams with Carbon Studio in bringing composite technology licensing solutions to Russian industry
08.07.2015 From an idea to a historic flight: E-Fan’s path to the Channel crossing
07.07.2015 E-Fan prepares for its historic flight across the English Channel
06.07.2015 From Louis Blériot to E-Fan: Airbus’s historic roots in Suresnes
02.07.2015 E-Aircraft System House: A hub for the Group’s electric aircraft research
30.06.2015 Airbus’s APWorks spin-off stands out in the “Land of Ideas” 
26.06.2015 Innovation and expertise on display: Airbus Innovations at the Paris Air Show
25.06.2015 Taking e-aircraft innovation to an even higher level with the Connected Cockpit
23.06.2015 100 flights: Airbus’s E-Fan marks a key milestone
22.06.2015 A look into the future: Airbus showcases advanced virtual reality capabilities


Transforming cockpit design with a revolutionary strategy for the Airbus’s electric aircraft 
12.06.2015 Airbus Technology Licensing explores opportunities in the metalworking industry
06.05.2015 The E-Fan “comes home” to a futuristic, innovative new final assembly facility in southwestern France
27.04.2015 Showcasing the potential of new superconducting materials for e-aircraft
20.04.2015 New agreement reinforces the Airbus Corporate Technical Office’s cooperation with Wales
16.04.2015 Happy birthday: Airbus Innovations India turns five

Electrifying the aviation industry’s next-generation: The E-Fan aircraft helps raise awareness for aviation careers in France


Airbus Innovations is selected to help develop and mature the UK Ministry of Defence’s cyber security capabilities

09.03.2015 Non-destructive testing and technology licensing highlight Airbus’s presence at Composites-Expo 2015
05.03.2015 Airbus Innovations partners with Russia’s SuperOx for researching ultra-light superconducting cables
02.02.2015 Joining together: Airbus Innovations’ ASRP5 software optimizes aircraft final assembly processes
22.01.2015 Airbus Innovations’ expertise supports development of a non-destructive testing tool for the A350 XWB
28.11.2014 Maserati signs an agreement to access Airbus Innovations technology portfolio
12.11.2014 Airbus Innovations’ E-Fan aircraft wins the Best of What’s New Award from Popular Science
28.10.2014 BoostAeroSpace’s Board of Directors nominates Matthias Naumann as President
27.10.2014 A “high-speed” research initiative is moving forward with Airbus Innovations’ support
11.08.2014 A prestigious design award recognizes Airbus Innovations’ all-electric E-Fan aircraft
17.07.2014 Airbus excellence is recognized with 2014 Hall of Fame winners
16.07.2014 Expanding the global view with a new U.S. manufacturing technology partnership
14.07.2014 New agreements further the Airbus’s research activities in Malaysia
19.06.2014 Inventor profile: “Tying it all together” for a new hybrid structure
19.06.2014 New lightweight panels for "stealthy" buildings are validated for use at airports worldwide
13.06.2014 Airbus Technology Licensing makes a high-profile appearance at Technoprom 2014
06.06.2014 Airbus Innovations contributes to a project at the crossroads of aeronautics and space
23.05.2014 Airbus Innovations demonstrates the promise of superconductivity for electrical aircraft
21.05.2014 The Airbus’s Quadcruiser concept is validated in flight tests
20.05.2014 New licensing partnerships expand the outreach of Airbus technology licensing
07.05.2014 Securing the future: Airbus Innovations supports a key Welsh cyber security initiative
29.04.2014 Airbus Innovations’ E-Roadmap takes flight!
23.04.2014 Bringing science to schools: An Airbus Innovations employee is making a difference
18.04.2014 Working together: The Corporate Technical Office’s capabilities team up to support Concept Systems
15.04.2014 Jean Botti joins the German Academy of Science and Engineering as a senator
11.04.2014 The 2014 Global Aerospace Summit: Airbus Innovations’ focus on the Middle East
10.04.2014 The Airbus’s new chief designer is ready for the future
31.03.2014 The Airbus’s technology licensing initiative brings Airbus’ innovative Plug & Twist connectors to the automotive industry
25.02.2014 New partnership opportunities explored during Airbus Technology Licensing’s trip to Russia
13.01.2014 The Airbus is pursuing an innovative propulsion concept in cooperation with its Russian partners
05.11.2013 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative in Russia is formally launched
09.10.2013 EADS Innovations Works joint venture in Russia becomes part of the country’s supercomputing group
30.09.2013 A new Russian outreach for EADS Technology Licensing
25.09.2013 EADS Innovation Works opens technology showcase at its Suresnes, France facility
06.09.2013 EADS Innovation Works joint venture’s MACROS software helps Airbus with complex engineering problems
03.09.2013 EADS’ TESTIA company beings U.K training in aerospace and non-destructive testing
23.07.2013 EADS Innovation Works is at the center of Bavaria’s new aerospace and security campus
20.06.2013 New EADS cooperation with Russia is a focus at the Paris Air Show
20.06.2013 EADS signs new agreements to license its AFDX and DeltaN FS technologies to U.S. and European companies
19.06.2013 New momentum for technology licensing in Russia
18.06.2013 EADS names “Join the Spirit” award winners
18.06.2013 EADS and Siemens enter long-term research partnership, sign memorandum of understanding with Diamond Aircraft on electric propulsion system
29.05.2013 Russian conference with EADS participation focuses on strengthening ties between startup companies and big business
28.05.2013 Sébastien Remy appointed Head of EADS Innovation Works
03.05.2013 EADS Innovation Works expands its “Join the Spirit” challenges for students
24.04.2013 EADS takes a major role in France’s new institute for the collaborative development of aerospace technologies and competences
08.04.2013 EADS Innovation Works teams with Airbus to create “stealthy” airport buildings
28.02.2013 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative concludes its successful outreach to Canada’s automotive sector
14.02.2013 An innovative propulsion concept is pursued by EADS and Russia

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