Electric aircraft news The buzz around E-Fan

Stay up-to-date with the recent activities and achievements for the Airbus E-Fan programme, as well as the Company’s other electric aircraft initiatives. 

18.08.2016 Updates to the E-Fan technology demonstrator are helping Airbus gain valuable experience for more electric aviation
31.07.2016 The E-Fan “Plus” demonstrator aircraft will help Airbus validate hybrid propulsion technologies for aircraft
26.07.2016 Airbus’s next step forward in electric aviation is on display at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
14.07.2016 E-Fan spreads it wings with Airbus' updates to this demonstrator aircraft
08.04.2016 Two new steps forward in Airbus’s pursuit of more-electric aircraft
24.03.2016 Imagining the future: Young transportation design students provide a fresh perspective on electric airplane concepts
27.01.2016 Airbus’s groundbreaking E-Fan electric airplane programme is recognized as Best Aviation Technical Development of 2015
21.10.2015 The Connected Cockpit comes to Europe’s Aerodays event
27.07.2015 The path to E-Fan 2.0 and beyond: propelling electric aircraft research forward
10.07.2015 History is made, and the future of electric aircraft is opened with E-Fan’s English Channel crossing
09.07.2015 A more “powerful” and lighter E-Fan demonstrator is ready for its historic English Channel flight
08.07.2015 From an idea to a historic flight: E-Fan’s path to the Channel crossing
07.07.2015 E-Fan prepares for its historic flight across the English Channel
06.07.2015 From Louis Blériot to E-Fan: Airbus’s historic roots in Suresnes
02.07.2015 E-Aircraft System House: A hub for the Group’s electric aircraft research
25.06.2015 Taking e-aircraft innovation to an even higher level with the Connected Cockpit
23.06.2015 100 flights: Airbus’s E-Fan marks a key milestone
16.06.2015 Transforming cockpit design with a revolutionary strategy for the Airbus’s electric aircraft
06.05.2015 The E-Fan “comes home” to a futuristic, innovative new final assembly facility in southwestern France
27.04.2015 Showcasing the potential of new superconducting materials for e-aircraft
14.04.2015 Electrifying the aviation industry’s next-generation: The E-Fan aircraft helps raise awareness for aviation careers in France
12.11.2014 Airbus Innovations’ E-Fan aircraft wins the Best of What’s New Award from Popular Science
11.08.2014 A prestigious design award recognizes Airbus Innovations’ all-electric E-Fan aircraft
23.05.2014 Airbus Innovations demonstrates the promise of superconductivity for electrical aircraft